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Life Lessons from Yard Sales

‘Let’s have a yard sale,’ he said. ‘We’ll make a little money and get rid of some junk,’ he said. ‘It’ll be fun,’ he said. So we had a yard sale. Here is what he didn’t say:

Yard sales are work. We got up at 4 am…on a Saturday. Four o’clock…in the morning…on SATURDAY. After a quick breakfast I pulled my hair up into a ponytail (trust me, this is the proper hairstyle for yard sales, even if you’re over 50) and helped load the last of our stuff (treasures) in the pickup and headed to town.

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Super Short Story of the Week: I am a Freak (Part 2)

Part 2

My weekly excursions to the Farmer’s Market and ‘Rebooked’ (a used book store) are the most enjoyable of my very limited errands. Though I could easily order produce online and have it delivered to my door within the hour, and every book I could ever want to read can be instantly downloaded to my Kindle, I preferred taking the time to go shop for myself.

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The Nana Files ebooks are FREE!

Today and tomorrow, June 3rd-4th, all three Nana Files ebooks are free on Amazon. If you have not read these fun stories, now is a good time to start.

Nana and the Vampires begins the series by introducing Cindy and Becky; best friends with active imaginations and a taste for adventure. The girls are looking forward to a fun-filled summer before their 7th grade school year begins. When a new family moves into the old house next door to Cindy, the curious girls will stop at nothing to find out everything about them.

Nana and the Zombies picks up at the start of the school year as the girls are preparing for their first ever school dance. They overcome many obstacles on the road to slow dancing with their new (first and only) boyfriends, including nervous parents, disgusting germs, a raging giant, and a possible zombie!

Nana and the Howling Brothers finds the girls fresh off punishment and wanting nothing more than to avoid EVER getting grounded again. But, when the Howling Brothers moving truck is spotted in town, the lure of a strange new family, possibly connected to Cindy’s neighbors, is too strong to resist. With their friend Mikenstein, Cindy and Becky go on their coldest and dumbest adventure yet.

Take advantage of this limited time offer and get your copies today! And please remember to leave a review. Reviews are so important to authors, for the valuable feedback and the help that other readers get in deciding if this is the book for them. Thank you so much.